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How to Fix a Chainsaw That Won’t Start

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A chainsaw is an important tools for homeowners and professionals alike. When it comes to cutting wood, maintaining shrubs or other yard care activities – it can come in quite handy.

This is until your chainsaw stops working and becomes frustrating to start.

Once a chainsaw fails to start or stops working, many users think its time to get a new one assuming the current one can’t be repaired. Sometimes, there a few simple solutions to get your chainsaw up and running again.

Understanding the basics of a chainsaw

To understand why your chainsaw may not be starting, its best to first understand basic mechanics that are found inside the chainsaw.

Though there are different models of chainsaws, whether it’s a gas or electric model, they all use the same concept to operate. They all have a chain with sharp teeth used to cut wood or other materials.

The chain is turned by gear wheels which are found inside the motor allowing it to run smoothly along the guide bar. Inside a gas engine is a piston that moves in and out of the cylinder that helps the crankshaft to turn gears hence causing the chain of the saw to spin.

Understanding the basic mechanics of your chainsaw and how it works can help you determine the problem if it fails to start. Different things can go wrong with your chainsaw no matter the high quality you are using – it’s essential to identify the problem so that you can determine whether you can fix it yourself or if you need to take it to a professional repair center.

Fixing a chainsaw that won’t start

Understanding how to start your chainsaw is very important – users with little experience starting a chainsaw can be dangerous and difficult.  If you’ve never started one before – ask a friend or visit a shop for professional guidance.

When you start a chainsaw, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Ensure that it is laying flat on the ground: After placing the chainsaw on flat ground, the next thing is to remove the bar cover.
  2. Ensure the chain brake is activated:  The chain brake is found on top of the handle and is activated by pushing it forward. This is a safety measure as it helps keep the chain from rotating when starting.
  3. Engaging the decompression control:  Also known as the smart start, the decompression control aids in starting your chainsaw by pushing the decompression valve.
  4. Pressing the fuel pump: In some models, it is known as the primer bulb. You should press the button several times until you can see the fuel in the bulb.
  5. Pull up the starter rope: This should be done when the chainsaw is still on flat ground. Your right foot should be placed on the handle while the left-hand pull the starter in quick motions.
  6. Push throttle halfway and continuously pull the rope till your chainsaw starts running.

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